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Ay, Caramba! A Latin Musical Murder Mystery

Directed by & starring Claudia Perry & a cast of 6 

At the Glass Slipper, a hot New York dance club, Salsa Dance Queen, Julieta Rosas has a problem. Someone keeps killing off her dance partners! Within the last six months, three young men have been systematically murdered. Could it be Rodrigo Cruz, Julieta’s manager, choreographer and ex-husband? What about Caesar Blanc, the shady club owner of the Glass Slipper? Then there’s Kent Dewer, Juliet’s toadying talent agent and Brett Colby and Celia Besseme, a young, rival dance team who also seem suspect. Detective Tracy Diamond, head of the Special Show Business Task Force, is called in to solve the crime and along the way learns to Mambo and Merengue.The original score will have you dancing in the aisles with its Dance Mix of Salsa, Disco, Motown, Pop and R & B.

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