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Helene Broitman | Managing Director

Helene Broitman brings over 25 years of career experience working in the nonprofit sector in management, marketing and fundraising.Working with a wide range of nonprofit organizations, Helene has vast experience in marketing and public relations, program design, fundraising, grantsmanship, special events and organizational development.

Prior to her nonprofit career, Helene studied Theatre while an undergraduate at Temple University in the 1980s. At Temple’s renown Theatre program, she studied voice, acting, and directing. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a Theatre minor, Helene went on to perform and direct in theatre throughout the Philadelphia region.

Music has been a passion in her life since childhood.

As a child, Helene was surrounded by singing. Her mother, Marilyn Broitman studied Opera at the Manhattan School of Music on scholarship. However, marriage and children, led Marilyn to purely avocational singing after Helene was born. So, the Broitman children had the best seats in the house for arias, standards, Folk songs, Yiddish music, and more.

Helene has studied with a variety of mentors including Rosemary Ostrowski at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Voice Center.

It was an ironic turn of events that led Helene to start Open Hearts On Tour. After back surgery in 2014, Helene was partially paralyzed, and spent six months in care facilities.  Thankfully, she is walking again, and … also performing! But, these challenges stimulated growth and change. Helene developed deeper compassion for people – especially those living in care settings. At the same time, the passions of her youth called to her!

In 2016, as the Operations Coordinator for a senior theatre company, she helped grow the business. However, Helene had her own vision. So, she started Open Hearts On Tour, LLC as an encore career. Join Helene and the Open Hearts On Tour family of performers on this journey guided by love, compassion, and purpose!

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