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This is the Time for Solidarity, Equity, and Justice

June 8, 2020

Open Hearts On Tour stands in support of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations throughout our country and the world.

The catalyst for these protests was the death, while in police custody, of George Floyd — layered upon decades and centuries of violence, abuse, and inequities that Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and LGBTQ people have experienced — at the hands of police, authorities, and the systems that govern and serve our societies.

Not everyone can physically march. However, each one of us has a critical role to play in creating a more peaceful, just, and compassionate world — in our personal and public lives.

Pursuit of a truly equitable and level ‘playing field’ is unfolding before us in the current demonstrations — this must become a pivotal point in history. We all need to turn inward to address these issues; however, the onus falls first on those who benefit from white privilege.

Concrete actions we can all take:

  • self-educate by reading books written by authors representing diverse perspectives addressing white privilege and/or white supremacy;
  • volunteer with and support advocacy groups working for policy change;
  • seek increased diversity in our personal and business lives; and
  • communicate with our elected representatives, and … VOTE!

Open Hearts on Tour reaffirms its commitment to:

  • recruiting performers and facilitators representing diversity;
  • working with senior communities and care venues that serve diverse members; and
  • partnering with nonprofit and advocacy organizations in community fundraising events.

May our voices for justice and equity be heard, and may our collective actions lead to true progress.



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