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Meet the Managing Director

March 4, 2020

Helene Broitman, managing director, exemplifies resiliency and compassion.

After back surgery in 2014, Helene was partially paralyzed and rehabbed for six months in residential nursing facilities. “They didn’t know if I would ever walk again,” said Helene. “When people face life-changing circumstances like not being able to walk, or feed oneself, we choose to be positive, and get better, or to give up. I witnessed astounding bravery and resiliency, but also profound despair. Fellow residents were an inspiration. Despite dire circumstances, bravery, compassion, and gentility survived. These brave souls gave me hope. And, being able to help other residents in small ways, gave me purpose.”

Thankfully, Helene did heal, walk again, and even performs – when she is not engaged with the business aspects of Open Hearts On Tour!

Since childhood, Helene has been passionate about music. “I was exposed to great music by my mother, who studied opera on scholarship at the Manhattan School of Music. I started singing and writing songs as a teenager, then discovered creative writing and musical theatre in college.” Helene directed and performed regionally for several years. Then, her gift for writing led her to pursue a career as a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). Her father encouraged her in business and nonprofit work. He was a gifted mechanical engineer who worked in research and development in aerospace, defense and manufacturing: “My dad was a mentor and sounding board, who had a will of iron and an indominable joy for life.”

For 25 years, Helene worked with a wide range of nonprofit organizations. She developed vast expertise in marketing, public relations, program design, fundraising, grant writing, event planning, and organizational development. The work was rewarding: “It was extremely gratifying creating programs that benefited people from all walks of life.” said Helene.

However, after her recovery in 2014, she wanted to try something different. The passions of her youth called to her. “I took a job as the operations manager for a senior theatre company. This stimulated my creative talents, and reignited my love for the arts. I felt strongly about respecting our audiences and the performers, which led me to found Open Hearts On Tour in 2017.”

“The heart of our mission is to build community through the arts.” Open Hearts On Tour brings entertainment and programs to senior communities, care settings, and community venues.

From showtunes to opera, jazz to soul, Latin to contemporary, pop to singer-songwriter, Open Hearts has gifted, fabulous performers in every genre.

“I appreciate our performers’ artistry. Each has worked years developing their craft, and they all truly care about our audiences. In addition to our musical shows and workshops, we offer educational workshops, classic and original theatre, and poetry readings. We bring the right blend of entertainment and education to delight and stimulate our audiences.”

Open Hearts takes the show on the road throughout the greater Philadelphia region. We provide handouts, a sound system, and a keyboard, but, when possible, it’s great to have access to a well-tuned piano. Most shows run for one hour. For interactive workshops, Open Hearts brings songbooks and background materials.

“Our shows are adaptable to all levels of care. We enjoy getting to know our audiences and the activity professionals at each facility so we can tailor shows to suit each community’s preferences. We love sharing the joy of music and performance!”

To bring music and joy to your community, reach out to Open Hearts at

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