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Meet Our Musical Theatre Workshop Leaders

July 19, 2018

Víctor Rodríguez – workshop leader

Víctor Rodríguez, a seasoned performer, educator, and workshop leader, has worked in the arts for over 25 years. His charisma and humor are contagious. Víctor knows how to engage, jest, cajole, and get people involved in singing, skits, and scene work. If you think residents only enjoy seeing shows, you’re in for a wonderful surprise! Everyone loves the opportunity to become lead characters from their favorite shows. Víctor’s sessions delight, tickle and sparkle.

What special connection do you bring to audiences?

“I like to bring joy to my audiences through performance, through my art. And, hopefully touch them in a way that connects them with their memories and their feelings.”

Why were you are drawn to Open Hearts on Tour?

“I know how much connection Helene has with the community as a whole, and, also with the retirement community. I know how she wants to bring a special touch, something different from the norm. That immediately resonated with me and made me want to be a part of Open Hearts on Tour.”

Tiffany Nack – workshop leader

Soprano, Tiffany Nack has been singing her way through different venues and into the hearts of audience goers since elementary school. From Opera to Broadway, arias to show tunes, Tiffany loves to share her passion and gift for music. Tiffany’s powerful voice and heartfelt performances will delight and astound your residents and staff. Her imp-like charm, winning smile, and twinkle make for warm, inspiring experiences. Tiffany presents a mixed format of both singalong and performance. Residents will join in singing show tunes and bask in her delivery of professional quality Opera, Art Song, and Broadway hits.

What special connection do you share with your audiences?

“I believe music is a universal language. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for music with the audience and experiencing connection with them.”

Why were you drawn to Open Hearts On Tour?

“I enjoy seeing the residents ‘come alive’ with the music. It’s really amazing what they get out of it when we go and perform the songs they know.”

Helene Broitman – workshop leader

Helene Broitman, Founder and Managing Director of Open Hearts On Tour, brings her love and passion for music and theatre to your residents. Helene’s warmth, respect, and compassion infuse lively workshops and help ALL residents feel comfortable, and find joy in the process.

Helene has been a caregiver, a performer, a singer, and a nonprofit leader in fundraising, program design, and nonprofit leadership. Helene has over 25 years in the nonprofit sector in fundraising and marketing, and has been serving social causes for over 28 years.

What do you enjoy about leading Open Hearts on Tour?

“All the performers involved have the heart for this work and really want to be doing something positive. I enjoy bringing warm and lively workshops and shows to all types of venues. Meeting the people, and staff, sharing songs and skits is the highlight of the day!”

Larry Esposito — Pianist

Larry has been performing and teaching for over 30 years in the greater Delaware Valley and New York area. His work on the Broadway stage and National Touring Companies include such credits as: The Tap Dance Kid and The Pirates of Penzance.

Larry’s seemingly effortless accompaniment and improvisation are the perfect foundation for a wonderful musical experience. From classical to pop, his passion and artistry enliven all performance venues.

What special connection do you share with audiences?

“The biggest thing is when you get to the point in your performing where you actually feel like you’re communicating, and you feel like the audience is really receiving that and connecting with you.”

Why were you drawn to Open Hearts on Tour?

“Open Hearts On Tour is a wonderful organization. I think we stay close to the communities where we work.”

Jeff McDonnell — Workshop Leader & Pianist

Jeff McDonnell has been delighting audiences as a performer, arranger, and music director for over 40 years. Jeff wears many hats. He is Open Hearts On Tour’s musical director, He performs, and leads singalongs. His brilliant piano skills, charming voice, and clever wit energize and allure audiences of all ages. Jeff’s credits include work throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region and New York. A versatile and skilled accompanist, Jeff has played for Master Classes at DeSales University with composer John Bucchino (“Grateful,” “Sweet Dreams”), and with Broadway performers Liz Calloway (Baby, Evita, Cats, Miss Saigon) and Emily Skinner (Side Show, Jekyll and Hyde, Billy Elliot).

What special connection do you share with audiences?

“The music that I really like seems to be the music our audiences really like. So, they give me the opportunity to perform the music I love, and experience it together.”

Why were you drawn to Open Hearts on Tour?

“I knew Helene, and wanted to work with someone who was passionate about spreading joy, and connecting with people.”

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