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Jeannine Mitchell

Jeannine Mitchell is a person who must be learning and actively involved in the world. She has always been an enthusiastic student, and a devoted teacher who taught for 30 years in junior and senior public high schools. Jeannine is a life-long learner! Workshops and lectures feed her passion for knowledge.

Jeannine has two grown sons and is married to her best friend, Steve Dylinski.

She volunteers in Doylestown Township by chairing the Environmental Advisory Council, and is passionate about habitat restoration and environmental education. Jeannine reads, travels, cooks, plays mahjong, and gardens. No day is complete for her without connecting with nature through native birds and plants.

Because Jeannine taught English, she values and respects the power of language. However, her students were more important to her than any subject matter, so she developed a style that she called “full-body English” in order to engage her students in a multi-sensory, active learning environment. Jeannine will continue this approach in leading workshops with Open Hearts On Tour about two of her favorite literary subjects: poetry reading and the works of William Shakespeare.

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