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Let YOU Shine Through!
Discovering voice in spoken word

Your life is as individual and unique as your fingerprints. Listen to a dozen people read the same poem, story, or script; no two renditions are the same! Learn to more fully release your voice in vivid, satisfying spoken word experiences. Have fun creating Mind Movies that bring fuller life to interpreting the printed word. Experience simple humming and breathing exercises to release a relaxed, yet stronger and projected voice.

Let your words flow with ease, feel satisfying, and be memorable!


Voice Overs
Voice Overs: OK, I Can Do That!

How many commercials have you heard on radio and TV over the years? Have you noticed that recently seniors are featured more often?

“Baby Boomers” are a frequent and critical part of today’s commercials. Mature men and women speak to purchasing power and trusted authority. Experience how it feels to read/record scripts for 50+ audiences. You might become the next voice of an insurance company, river cruise, a pharmaceutical product, or fabulous vacation resort.

An experienced Voice Over teaching professional will guide participants in:

    highlighting the key points in a script
    basic microphone technique
    reading solo or with a partner.

Fun and learning are guaranteed! You’ll practice, then be recorded. Be delighted as you hear your own voice as it would sound on radio or TV!

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